PETOŠEVIĆ Rankings 2021

World Trademark Review 1000 Rankings

  • Albania — Recommended
  • Bulgaria — Silver
  • Croatia — Gold
  • Romania — Enforcement and Litigation — Silver; Prosecution and Strategy — Silver
  • Russia — Prosecution and Strategy — Bronze
  • Serbia — Gold
  • Slovenia — Silver
  • Ukraine — Silver

World Trademark Review 1000 Ranked Individuals


  • Romania

    The Bucharest office of Luxembourg-headquartered PETOŠEVIĆ is a vital cog in its network of 16 offices across Eastern Europe. The group excels at prosecution, but also provides invaluable advice on litigation strategy and assistance in the negotiation of IP-related settlements. Through cross-border collaboration with affiliated firms, it can support clients in more than 30 jurisdictions across the wider region, including A-listers in the food and drink, automotive, high-technology and film and television sectors.

    WTR 1000 Rankings, 2021
  • Ukraine

    With over 120 people stationed in 16 locations throughout Eastern Europe, PETOŠEVIĆ has all the resources needed to provide a full-bodied trademark service across more than 30 jurisdictions.

    WTR 1000 Rankings, 2021
  • Serbia

    “Well networked and super-thorough, PETOŠEVIĆ has impressive manpower, covers a lot of ground and always comes out on top. It listens to clients intently and has the structure to tackle any challenge in a modern, cost-effective way.”

    WTR 1000 Rankings, 2021
  • Albania

    With 17 offices across Eastern Europe, PETOŠEVIĆ has long mastered the art of cross-office collaboration. The Albanian branch, led by Vladimir Nika, works cohesively with its counterparts to ensure that rights holders enjoy seamless and comprehensive IP protection on a regional level through a single point of contact.

    WTR 1000 Rankings, 2021
  • Croatia

    With boots on the ground in 17 countries and a finely cultivated network of foreign associates in a further 15, PETOŠEVIĆ serves brand owners across Eastern Europe and the Balkans with ease and efficiency. The Croatian ensemble is also a repository of trust for many international law firms seeking deep local insight in opposition proceedings and anti-counterfeiting mandates.

    WTR 1000 Rankings, 2021
  • Slovenia

    The Slovenian outpost of PETOŠEVIĆ may be lean in size, but it has the full weight of this Eastern European prosecution powerhouse behind it. The wider firm has some 120 professionals based in 17 offices across the continent, who provide a superior service in 30-plus jurisdictions. It offers robust support at every stage of the brand lifecycle, but exceeds all expectations in portfolio management and administrative actions, where its practitioners showcase seamless interoffice cooperation to great effect.

    WTR 1000 Rankings, 2021
  • Russia

    Hailed as “a safe harbour in a challenging jurisdiction” by its international clientele, PETOŠEVIĆ nimbly manages the portfolios of myriad household names in sectors ranging from food and beverages to high technology. The firm is well resourced, with 120 professionals working from 16 offices to cover 30 Central and Eastern European jurisdictions. The Russian contingent operates across the trademark spectrum, but is at its best in prosecution.

    WTR 1000 Rankings, 2021
  • Bulgaria

    A well-known name in the IP world, PETOŠEVIĆ has established itself as a formidable presence throughout Eastern Europe. The Bulgarian branch operates on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide and has recently been assigned all EUIPO work for the firm

    WTR 1000 Rankings, 2021