Why Work with Us?

Why do clients keep working with us?

Because they TRUST.

What do they actually trust?

TRUST that, in urgent cases, we will react quickly, even on a holiday, even after hours

TRUST that we will not charge for every minute of time spent

TRUST that issues will be handled professionally and swiftly, no matter where

TRUST that there will be no surprise charges – ever

TRUST that issues and tasks will be handled in the most reasonable and appropriate ways under the circumstances

TRUST that there will be flexibility when needed

TRUST that a few more people will be looking into the matter than the invoice will show

TRUST that things will be done in the best possible way, even in very “difficult” jurisdictions

TRUST that nothing will be hidden and that complete transparency will not be compromised

TRUST that there will always be a competent person to talk to, if needed

TRUST that our client-specific, cross-jurisdiction teams will always be well trained to protect the client’s specific interests

TRUST that a long-term relationship is more important to us that making a bit of extra money

TRUST that we will never promise unrealistic results and that chances of success will be carefully and realistically evaluated

TRUST that we built our business on hard work and earned reputation, not on the network of “people you need to know”

TRUST that everything we communicate is 100% true, and we will not have it any other way