The forefathers of the PETOŠEVIĆ Group have been involved in IP protection in the Western Balkans since the 1960s. Whereas the practice initially developed in the former Yugoslavia, the firm shifted its focus to new East European jurisdictions, emerging after the breakup of the former USSR and former Yugoslavia, during the 1990s.

PETOŠEVIĆ Group has its roots in the small business founded in 1992 in the Benelux from where the clients’ East European IP work was coordinated in the early stages of development of these new countries. As these jurisdictions evolved, so did the practice, and the need for more complex services arose. It became necessary and logical that the majority of workforce moves to the countries in which our clients sought the services.

It was also clear that it would be difficult to provide uniform service through a network of independent providers, varying in knowledge, ability, standards and costs. At the time, PETOŠEVIĆ had offices in just a couple of countries. Since then, we’ve gradually expanded, even during the economic downturn in 2008 and onwards. Today PETOŠEVIĆ Group consists of 17 wholly owned entities in 17 jurisdictions, under centralized ownership by the governing entity in Luxembourg. Our offices in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Uzbekistan reflect our clients’ requests for a more direct representation in former USSR countries. In addition, we also have partner firms in 15 other jurisdictions of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

As a result, today PETOŠEVIĆ is able to offer a reasonably priced and complete scope of IPR protection services in more than 30 countries in the region. For selected clients, we coordinate and handle IP rights portfolios worldwide.