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ALBANIA: New Trademark Regulation Aims to Clarify Range of Issues

A new trademark regulation that entered into force in Albania on June 7, 2018, has clarified a range of issues brought about by the March 25, 2017, changes to the Albanian Industrial Property (IP) Law.

The regulation enables claimants to act quickly in that it allows them to file a formal action by completing the standard form and paying the fee within three months from publication of the contested mark in the Official Bulletin for opposition proceedings, and within five years from the mark’s registration date for cancellation actions. Claimants can then file supporting documents and arguments within two months after receiving an invitation from the General Directorate of Industrial Property (GDIP) to complete the file. Applicants and rights holders also have two months following the GDIP’s notification to then complete their response. The previous regulation provided a one-month deadline for both parties.

The possibility to file a formal action by completing the form and paying the fee, and to complete the file afterwards, exists only in proceedings before the first instance of the GDIP, the Examination Division. In case of an appeal against the first instance...

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International Conventions

Berne Convention (Copyright), Budapest Treaty, Hague Agreement (Industrial Design), International Plant Protection Convention, Paris Convention, WIPO, PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty), PLT (Patent Law Treaty), EPC (European Patent Convenion), London Agreement, Madrid Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Nice Agreement, Rome Convention, Strasbourg Agreement, UPOV, WPPT (WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty), WTO and TRIPS


Patent Applications

  • Applicant data
  • Name, address and occupation of the inventor
  • Priority application data (if claimed)
  • Patent specification and claims

Trade/Service Mark Applications

  • Applicant data
  • Priority application data (if claimed)
  • List of goods/services
  • At least one representation of the mark (in color if claimed)

Industrial Design Applications

  • Applicant data
  • Priority application data (if claimed)
  • At least one drawing or photograph of the claimed model or design

All other documents may be filed subsequently. The required documents must either be original or notarized.

Powers of Attorney have to bear a company seal or stamp. If this is not available, they have to be notarized.

Certified translation of all documents (priority document, assignment deeds, register extracts etc) is required by the Albanian PTO.