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Why Work With Us?

Over the last three decades we created many jobs across Eastern Europe and the former USSR and helped young people develop their careers in IP. We are always on the lookout for aspiring attorneys, IP professionals, paralegals and administrative staff.

Being an international or multicultural organization, we offer a dynamic and diverse working environment which brings in different talents together, all of them working towards common goals using various skills and experience. We encourage teamwork and knowledge sharing because this gives the best results and ensures uniform quality of services. We like to think of us as one team of people covering 30+ jurisdictions, rather than 16 separate offices linked together.

We also offer flexible work arrangements including flexible hours and remote work, if mutually beneficial.

If you would like to become a member of our team, explore our current openings.


  • Ever since I started, my career at PETOŠEVIĆ has been like a legal adrenaline park. Not many places in Bosnia, or any other neighboring country, offer a possibility to work with some of the biggest and most prestigious law firms and corporations globally. Having to quickly switch from one cultural environment to another and from one industry to another may seem hectic, but I surely would not have it any other way! Tarik Prolaz - Head of Office - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Trademark and Patent Attorney, Attorney at Law, PETOŠEVIĆ Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • PETOŠEVIĆ gave me a chance to grow from a young law graduate into an IP professional. Many highly qualified lawyers generously share their experience and expertise, while our clients challenge me every day with complex and interesting cases. These are the perfect ingredients for progress.George Irimescu - Associate, Trademark and Design Attorney, European Trademark and Design Attorney, PETOŠEVIĆ Romania
  • If you need any help, you can always contact a person from any office and you will get appropriate support. This cooperation helps us provide the clients with quality advice within a short time. Desire to learn and develop professionally is highly valued here, too. We have access to a lot of educational materials and people constantly go to conferences and roundtables to keep current with the latest developments. Maya Smirnova - Senior Paralegal, PETOŠEVIĆ Ukraine
  • Our offices and people may be scattered around Europe and Asia but it is the knowledge that is passed on and shared that unites us and I believe it to be our greatest strength. After all, it is the list of our clients and the way we do our work that speaks for itself.Jelena Radević - Senior Trademark and Patent Paralegal, PETOŠEVIĆ Montenegro
  • I joined the friendly and culturally diverse environment of PETOŠEVIĆ Group 12 years ago, and it has been an enriching experience. The company encourages relentless perfection and employee involvement, and through the years, I have grown professionally and was given the opportunity to work with great international clients. Melina Nika - Trademark, Patent and Design Attorney, European Patent Attorney, PETOŠEVIĆ Albania
  • From my first day I was impressed with the positive way of thinking and the pleasant atmosphere. There is open communication at all levels of the organization and people here are happy to share their knowledge and experience. With such colleagues, it is easy to do the work timely, accurately and in the best interest of our clients.Ana Radoman - Associate, PETOŠEVIĆ Serbia
  • Working in this company for the past 14 years has taught me things I never dreamed of as part of a job I truly enjoy and love. I have learned how to transform mistakes into skills, develop new skills, and gain knowledge and experience that I believe has shaped me into a valuable member of this team. I will continue to work hard and look forward to another 14 years of taking on new challenges.Julijana Naskova - Trademark Paralegal, PETOŠEVIĆ North Macedonia
  • The company offers visibility for aspiring practitioners, attendance of important international events and great team building activities. It stands out among the IP law firms in Bulgaria and is an obvious choice to make a career.Dimitar Batakliev - Head of Office - Bulgaria, Attorney at Law, Trademark and Patent Attorney, European Trademark and Design Attorney, PETOŠEVIĆ Bulgaria
  • During my 14 years at PETOŠEVIĆ, I have faced many challenges as a pioneer in IP in Montenegro, but I have also found an inspiring field that I have come to like a lot. When you deal with trademarks daily for over a decade, you become sensitive to different corporate identities and the correlation between the success of a company and its branding and design. An eye for artistic expression becomes sharpened which is a particularly nice side effect of my job.Jasna Jusić - Senior Associate, Attorney at Law, PETOŠEVIĆ Montenegro

Current Openings


Are you a recent law school graduate, interested in IP and looking for work experience?

We offer internships of various length during which you will have an opportunity to work closely with our IP professionals and get hands-on experience necessary for handling client portfolios. And who knows, an internship can be a great way of starting your career in IP with us!

If you are interested in applying for an internship at one of our offices, send your CV and a short motivational letter to employment@petosevic.com.

Not seeing an open position that fits your skills and interests, but would still like to work or collaborate with us? Don’t hesitate to send your CV and inquiries about job opportunities to employment@petosevic.com and we will get in touch when we put together an offer aligned with your goals.