2.5 Million Packages of Counterfeit Medicine Sold in Ukraine in 2010

Oct 28 2011 - 15:27

According to Ukraine’s State Inspectorate for the Quality Control of Medicines, a total of 1.2 billion packages of medicine were sold in Ukraine last year. Out of this amount 2.5 million packages, worth approximately USD 2.5 million (EUR 1.8 million), were substandard, non-registered or counterfeit.

The counterfeit medicine mostly consisted of antibiotics and hormone drugs bearing the marks of well-known drug makers. Almost 50 percent of the fake drugs were obtained through the Internet.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, during the last two years more than 300 cases related to misleading consumers in terms of medicine and foods for special medical purposes have been considered.

For more information, please contact Maya Kryvoshei at our Ukraine office.

Source: Intelvlas, Ukrainian IP news portal

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