Macedonian Customs Seize Counterfeit Apparel, Footwear

Jul 23 2012 - 14:13

During regular controls at Macedonia’s border crossings in the period June 11-July 17, the customs officials seized a considerable quantity of goods carrying well-known brand names, believed to be counterfeit.

In the week of June 11-17, the customs officials seized 32,400 pairs of socks carrying the Tommy Hilfiger mark, valued at EUR 98,140 (USD 120,290) if sold on the market as originals, and 100 pairs of sweatpants carrying the Reebok mark, valued at EUR 1,640 (USD 2,005).

In the week of June 18-24, the officials seized 7,050 pairs of children’s slippers carrying the Nike mark, valued at EUR 32,720 (USD 40,100) if sold on the market as originals, and 300 children’s T-shirts carrying the Adidas and Puma marks.

In the week of June 25-July 1, the officials seized 170 shirts carrying the Zara and Mango marks, and on July 4, 885 pairs of men’s slippers carrying Dior and Nike marks, 180 men’s shirts carrying the Zara mark, and 105 sports jerseys carrying the Adidas mark, all valued at EUR 18,030 (USD 22,055) if sold on the market as originals.

In the week of July 9-15, the customs officials seized 1,480 shirts, T-shirts, jeans, sports jerseys and belts carrying the marks of Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, Levi’s, Coco Chanel, Versace, G-Star, Lacoste, Diesel, Burberry, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Gant, Adidas (Real Madrid) and Zara, valued at EUR 1,640 (USD 2,005) if sold on the market as originals.

On July 17, the customs officials seized 850 wrist watches bearing the marks of Gucci, Lacoste, Armani, Cartier, Ferrari, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Dior, Police and Mercedes, valued at EUR 11,115 (USD 13,635) were they to be sold on the market as originals.

The goods, which were found in trucks with Macedonian, Bulgarian and Turkish license plates, originated in China, Bulgaria, Turkey and Dubai, and were intended for the Macedonian and Kosovo markets.

Prepared by: Aleksandra Pavlovic

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Source: Macedonian Customs

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