Bosnian Police Seize Counterfeit Instant Vitamin Drink and Packaging

Jun 26 2012 - 14:52

The police officials from the Brcko District in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina have recently seized a large quantity of counterfeit instant vitamin drink Cedevita and the foil used for its packaging. Cedevita is a Croatian producer of teas, instant drinks and dietetic products.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against two individuals. During the search of their apartment and three other premises, the officials discovered 2,900 bags filled with 15 grams of the Cedevita powder each, as well as a large amount of counterfeit foil bearing the Cedevita marks.

The authorities calculated that about one million 15-gram Cedevita bags could have been produced using the foil and that the bags could have stored a total of 15,000 kg of the Cedevita powder.

Prepared by: Alma Vilic

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Source: State Investigation and Protection Agency

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