IIPA Lists Key Ukrainian Websites with Pirated Content

Nov 27 2013 - 12:08

The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA), representing U.S. producers of content and materials protected by copyright laws, has recently released a list of Ukrainian marketplaces, both physical and online, well known for offering counterfeit and pirated products.

The information regarding the most infringing distribution sites was sent to the Ukrainian government in order to assist the government with combating piracy.

Earlier this year, Ukraine was highlighted as the Priority Foreign Country in the Office of the United States Trade Representative’s (USTR) Special 301 report, which evaluates intellectual property rights protection in the U.S. trading partners on a yearly basis. Ukraine was listed as the top offender mainly for copyright-related issues such as failure to implement an effective system to combat online piracy.

Among the online sources of fake goods, the IIPA report lists Ukrainian-based websites ExtraTorrent.com, Torrentbit.net, Torrent.cd, Torrentz.cd, and SumoTorrent.com. The list also includes Watchfreemovies.ch, Ukrainian website hosted in Romania.

Among physical marketplaces, the report lists the open-air Petrivka market in the capital of Kiev, Mayak market in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, the ‘7-kilometer market’ in Odessa, south Ukraine and Barabashova market in Kharkov, northeastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government has recently closed four websites with pirated content – kinovonline.net, mediaguide.com.ua, sans.ck.ua, and kinoshka.com.ua.

Prepared by: Maya Kryvoshei

For more information, please contact mail@petosevic.com.

Source: Trust.ua, Ukrainian news portal

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