Moscow Gorbushka Market Faces Uncertain Fate

Sep 21 2010 - 13:42

The Russian authorities are allegedly preparing to shut down Moscow’s Gorbushka marketplace after a recent inspection resulted in the discovery and seizure of around 26,000 counterfeit DVDs and CDs.

According to the Moscow News, the shopping center’s ground level remains unchanged but about 50 percent of the stalls and outlets on the second floor, where the pirated movies, music and software were reportedly sold, have been closed and display signs stating: “New store opening soon. Administration.”

The center’s representative Vasilina Zoremba has, however, denied the reports, blaming the economic crisis for the closing of some outlets.

Gorbushka was an open-air market until 2001, when it was closed down due to piracy and counterfeiting. A shopping center Gorbuskin dvor opened in its place, but it is still apparently flooded with inexpensive, pirated DVDs and CDs.

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Source: The Moscow News

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