Macedonia IPO Changes Official Fees

Feb 23 2010 - 16:44

On January 15, 2010, the Official Gazette No. 6 of the Republic of Macedonia, announced amendments to official fees paid to the Macedonian State Office of Industrial Property.

The changes are applicable as of January 23, 2010.

The fee for filing applications for collective or certification trademarks is still EUR 53 (USD 72), but there is no longer a fee for each additional class in excess of 3 classes.

All official fees for patent annuities up to the 10th year remain the same. The fees for annuities from 11th through 20th year, which had a flat fee of EUR 53 (USD 72), increased as follows:

  • 11th annuity – EUR 65 (USD 89)
  • 12th annuity – EUR 82 (USD 112)
  • 13th annuity – EUR 100 (USD 137)
  • 14th annuity – EUR 114 (USD 156)
  • 15th annuity – EUR 130 (USD 177)
  • 16th annuity – EUR 147 (USD 201)
  • 17th annuity – EUR 163 (USD 223)
  • 18th annuity – EUR 180 (USD 246)
  • 19th annuity – EUR 195 (USD 266)
  • 20th annuity – EUR 212 (USD 289)

The yearly fees for maintaining the Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) for medical or plant protection products increased on average by EUR 165 (USD 225).

In case an applicant fails to file an office action within the due date, they can file a request for prolongation of the procedure within two months of the due date. A fee in the amount of EUR 50 (USD 68) has been introduced for such request.

Should an applicant miss all extensions of time and there is a justified reason beyond their control, the fee for restitutio in integrum, (Art. 122 European Patent Convention, and Rule no. 9 from the Singapore Treaty on the Law on Trademarks) remains the same — EUR 17 (USD 23).

For more information, please contact Aleksandra Noveska in our Macedonia office.

Source: Macedonian IPO

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