Update on Kosovo PoA Situation

Jul 29 2016 - 15:22

Further to our recent announcement, please note that an original Power of Attorney (PoA) form or a notarized copy of the original is now needed only when filing a new patent, trademark or industrial design application.

For renewals, by the agent of record, as well as for responses to office actions and payments of registration fees, copies of PoA forms in the PTO’s records will suffice.

To record an assignment and name and/or address change, as always, an original PoA in the name of the assignee or showing the new name/address of the holder is needed.

The Kosovo PTO is asking for PoAs simply signed and sealed, but generally Kosovo notaries public will only certify copies of originals notarized in the country of origin. Therefore, to avoid sending a new PoA for every filing from the same applicant, we recommend that each PoA sent be notarized.

For more information, please contact mail@petosevic.com.

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