Czech Firm Develops Smartphone Application That Helps Uncover Fake Goods

Sep 30 2015 - 13:22

Czech company TelPro has developed a smartphone application called Authentizer, intended to help uncover counterfeit goods.

The Authentizer works on the principle of two labels with the QR codes. With the help of a smartphone, the consumer scans the external QR code on the product’s label and submits it through the company’s website to check the product’s origin before purchasing it. According to the developers, the only downside is that in order to be absolutely certain of the product’s origin, the consumer also has to submit the hidden code, which can be revealed only after the purchase is made. Once the combination of the two codes is sent, the system marks the combination so that it can’t be used again.

The application was initially developed to help verify stamps on alcohol products following the methanol poisonings in the Czech Republic in 2012, when dozens of people died after drinking counterfeit spirits. The use of the application was later extended to all goods that can be marked with QR code labels. The Czech knife maker Mikov, producer of the fish-shaped pocketknife often targeted by counterfeiters, was among the first to start applying the QR code labels during the application’s trial run earlier this year. Several alcoholic-drink producers are also benefiting from this application.

TelPro invested approximately 10 million crowns (EUR 367,400; USD 413,900) in the development of this application, 3 million crowns (EUR 110,200; USD 124,200) of which came in the form of EU funds. TelPro director Petr Lávička noted that they would like to sign contracts with at least five to 10 major Czech producers before expanding outside the country.

Prepared by: Aleksandra Pavlovic

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Source: Radio Prague website

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