Romanian Customs Seize EUR 1.3 M Worth of Counterfeits

Aug 28 2012 - 15:05

In July and August, the Romanian customs officials seized over 37,000 items believed to be counterfeit, the total value of which is over EUR 1.3 million (USD 1.6 million).

The seized goods include:

  • 592 sets of plates, 104 sets of cups and 240 chandeliers bearing the Versace mark;
  • 3,606 sets of stainless steel pots bearing the Kaiserhoff mark;
  • 24,960 deodorants bearing Boss and Davidoff Cool Water marks;
  • 4,600 towels bearing the Givenchy mark;
  • 3,425 sneakers bearing the Reebok mark;
  • 230 pairs of shoes bearing the Burberry mark;
  • 2,796 pairs of sneakers bearing the Converse mark;
  • Pens, pencil boxes, school bags, crayons, highlighters and watercolors bearing Angry Birds, Barbie, Korres, Disney and Strawberry Shortcake marks;
  • Cookware bearing Dry Cooker and Panasonic marks, and
  • Bags bearing Angry Birds, F.C. Barcelona, Transformers and Disney marks.

All seizures were made at the port of Constanta, eastern Romania. The seized goods originated in China and the United Arab Emirates and were intended for the Moldovan, Ukrainian, Polish and Romanian markets.

Prepared by: Simona Dragoi

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Source: Romanian Customs

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