Georgian Authors Society to Monitor Audio-Video Stores and Piracy Websites

Jun 21 2011 - 13:03

The Georgian Authors’ Society plans to start actively monitoring all stores selling audio and audiovisual material and all websites offering pirated material in Georgia with an aim to put an end to the illegal distribution of music files and computer software in Georgia.

Estimates say that the illegal downloading of movies, games and mp3 tracks has resulted in a 30-40 percent decline in demand for CDs and DVDs in Georgia. The current law envisages fines ranging from EUR 205 (USD 300) to EUR 1,235 (USD 1,800) for unlicensed use, while the fines for repeated offenses range between EUR 1,235 (USD 1,800) and EUR 2,060 (USD 3,000).

The Georgian Authors’ Society Director Giga Kobaladze hopes that in 6-12 months the majority of illegal discs will disappear from the market, adding that almost all outlets currently sell pirated discs. Kobaladze notes that the legislation clearly defines the sanctions against the illegal use of audio and audiovisual material, but that consistent monitoring has never been carried out.

The National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia (SAKPATENTI) welcomes this initiative noting that there is an urgent need for improving copyright protection.

For more information, please contact Aleksandra Pavlovic at our Macedonia office.

Source: (The Financial)

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