Ukrainian Authorities Shut Down Sale of Fake Cancer Drugs

Feb 1 2022 - 14:05

The Ukrainian Security Service officials have recently put an end to the distribution of counterfeit cancer drugs in the capital of Kyiv and the city of Lviv in western Ukraine.

During the raids, the authorities seized nearly EUR 31,000 (USD 35,000) worth of counterfeit cancer medications, as well as cash, bank cards, computers and mobile phones.

The counterfeit drugs were produced in Belarus and Russia, transported to Ukraine on international shuttle buses and planes, stored in a rented warehouse in Kyiv and subsequently sold online. The counterfeiters joined various online cancer forums and offered the drugs as leftover prescription medicines from their relatives who allegedly were cancer patients. The fake drugs were then delivered to customers through postal services and in person.

In 2019, amendments to Ukraine’s Criminal Code increased criminal penalties for the production and distribution of counterfeit medicines.

Prepared by: Valentyna Martynenko

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Source: Ukrainian Security Service website

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