Hungarian Officials Seize EUR 545,000 Worth of Fake Apparel, Accessories, Fabric

May 4 2020 - 12:35

The Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA) officials recently seized more than 6,000 items of apparel and accessories and 2,500 kilograms of fabric believed to be counterfeit, infringing numerous trademarks, including Tommy Hilfiger®, Michael Kors®, Gucci®, Louis Vuitton®, Adidas®, New Balance®, Nike®, Puma® and Chanel®.

The goods, which are estimated to be worth approximately EUR 545,000 (USD 590,000), were discovered during the inspection of two trucks with Polish license plates on the M43 motorway in southern Hungary.

Prepared by: Erika Farkas

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Source: Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration website

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