Uzbekistan: New Labeling Requirements for 54 Types of Goods

Feb 5 2019 - 12:53

Uzbekistan’s president signed a decree on November 30, 2018 introducing new labeling requirements for 54 types of imported and locally manufactured goods, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, gasoline, medicines, fertilizers, perfumes and cosmetics. The decree will enter into force on August 1, 2019, when the implementation process will begin.

While it has been obligatory for manufacturers to include basic information on products such as ingredients, source, manufacture and expiration dates, and the excise stamps, the new regulation introduces labeling with special markers or taggants used for authentication of products. The new labeling system aims to improve IP rights protection, health and consumer protection, and prevent tax evasion in the face of a growing volume of counterfeit and unauthorized goods on the market.

The specific labeling and monitoring procedures will soon be determined by separate regulations. Uzbekistan’s Cabinet of Ministers will be able to include new products on the list of products subject to new labeling requirements in coordination with the National Agency of Project Management under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. According to the decree, the newly included products will have to be labeled within 180 days following their inclusion.

By: Gulnoza Abdurakhmonova and Djakhangir Aripov

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Sources: Uzbekistan National News Agency, Uzbek business news website, Uzbek legal database

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