Uzbekistan Orders IP Law Compliance Checks When Certifying Products

Jul 14 2023 - 13:14

On May 15, 2023, the Uzbek Ministry of Investment, Industry and Trade adopted Order No. 1458-6 amending the rules for product certification and making it obligatory for local certification bodies to verify whether the IP rights of third parties are infringed before issuing product certificates.

Once an application for a product certification is filed, certification bodies will check for possible breaches of IP laws within two business days by comparing the name, labels and packaging of the submitted product samples with the information available in the “IP Protection Portal”, which contains data on sellers, producers and distributors of counterfeit goods.

Order No. 1458-6 follows the adoption of the Resolution No. 221 which introduced various changes and improvements in the field of IP, including the obligatory compliance checks when issuing product certificates. The Resolution’s provisions have not been entirely implemented in practice, but Order No. 1458-6 is expected to bring about improvements when it comes to product certification.

By: Altinbek Amreev

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