Budapest Authorities Arrest Washing Detergent Counterfeiters

Nov 27 2014 - 17:10

The Hungarian customs authorities have recently seized more than 7,000 liters of counterfeit washing detergent worth approximately EUR 32,500 (USD 40,000), after the raid of an illegal production plant in Nyíregyháza, a city in northeastern Hungary.

The authorities arrested two members of an organized group that produced and sold the detergent. The men are suspected of intellectual property rights infringement on a commercial scale and, if found guilty, could face up to five years in prison.

Last year, the authorities uncovered a counterfeit washing detergent production plant at another address in Nyíregyháza, and questioned five men. The police investigation showed that they sold the fake detergent, bearing well-known brand names, not only to shop owners in Nyíregyháza, but also to Ukrainian and Romanian companies.

The suspects have since rented another space and continued the production. They used a poor quality washing gel as a primary ingredient, to which they added salt, food coloring and perfume in order to achieve the desired color and fragrance.

According to the evidence gathered so far, this year the suspects sold the detergent mainly to Ukrainian companies, but also to some local Hungarian shops.

The investigation is still underway.

Prepared by: Csilla Balogh

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Source: National Board Against Counterfeiting

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