Hungarian Officials Seize EUR 5.5 Million Worth of Fake Goods from January-August 2020

Oct 30 2020 - 14:24

Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA) officials seized counterfeit goods estimated to be worth approximately EUR 5.5 million (USD 6.5 million) between January and August 2020. The seized products include nearly 71,000 items of clothing, more than 25,000 pairs of shoes, over 11,000 bottles of perfume, almost 9,000 litres of detergent and many other types of goods.

The number of seized products has not significantly increased compared to 2019, but while last year the most popular counterfeit items were electronic devices and perfumes, fake clothes represent 75% of all seized products in 2020.

Prepared by: Erika Farkas

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Source: Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration website

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