Ukrainian Travel Company Fined for Violating Antitrust Legislation

Dec 29 2022 - 15:35

The Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee has recently fined a Ukrainian travel company Pilot-Ukraine LLC for violating the local antitrust legislation by using a trade name and logo confusingly similar to those of its competitor – Ukrainian travel company Pilot LLC.

The proceedings were initiated by Pilot LLC, which has been using its logo (left) and trade name since 1998. Pilot-Ukraine LLC started operating in 2020 under a similar trade name and logo (right) without obtaining consent from the plaintiff. Pilot LLC argued that Pilot-Ukraine LLC was established by four of Pilot LLC’s former employees who were familiar with the plaintiff’s activities and had access to their internal records. Both companies carry out the same type of business activities.

The Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee found that similar trade names and logos may cause consumer confusion and that they may also provide the defendant with a competitive advantage through free-riding on the plaintiff’s goodwill and recognition.

Prepared by: Valentyna Martynenko

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Source: Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee website

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