Extension of European Patents to Serbia & Montenegro entered into force on November 1, 2004

Nov 17 2004 - 17:31

Extended European patent applications and patents now enjoy essentially the same protection in Serbia and Montenegro as the patents granted by the EPO for the 29 member states of the European Patent Organization.

The extension of European patents in Serbia and Montenegro occurs at the applicant’s request.

The extension fee is EUR 102 (approximately USD 132). If the fee is not paid in due time, the applicant is allowed a grace period during which time the extension fee can still be validly paid with a surcharge of 50%. Otherwise, the request for extension is deemed withdrawn.

The extension is not available for applications filed prior to November 1, 2004, or for any European patents resulting from such applications.

For more information on the extension of European Patents to Serbia & Montenegro, please contact our Serbia & Montenegro representative.

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