CARDS Project — Croatia

In 2001, PETOŠEVIĆ took part in the CARDS project, which focused on the development of Intellectual Property in Croatia with the goal to ensure effective protection and enforcement of IP rights in Croatia.

The particular objective of the program was to harmonize IP laws and bring them in line with the requirements of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

PETOŠEVIĆ experts were involved in creating a structure for the IPR system in Croatia, in particular the structure of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) and its place in the administrative structure in Croatia. They were also involved in legally and practically analyzing procedural provisions (administrative procedures) according to which the SIPO performs its tasks (including the legal remedies anticipated in relevant laws).

In the process, our experts conducted an in-depth analysis of the current structure and procedures of the courts that are competent in civil IP matters (i.e. infringements of IPR fall under the jurisdiction of commercial courts in Croatia), as well as conducted an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the current IPR system. PETOŠEVIĆ experts also assisted in the drafting of the strategy for future governmental and non-governmental activities and in providing an action plan with appropriate indicators and results.