PETOŠEVIĆ PEOPLE: Q&A with Mary Vučajnk

Search Analyst Coordinator Mary Vučajnk has been part of our Croatia team for 14 years. She conducts trademark searches, prepares reports, coordinates the activities of other search analysts and oversees the preparation of search reports for all our offices. We asked Mary about her work, her interests and hobbies, things most people don’t know about her, and much more.

  1. How did you start your career in IP?

    It wasn’t exactly planned. I was working at a primary school as an English teacher, and a friend of mine passed my CV on to her managers, who then passed it on to my former boss, who was impressed that I was a native English speaker with a marketing background.

  2. What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

    Choosing the right strategy for each search in order to retrieve the best search results.

  3. What do you most enjoy doing at work?

    I enjoy every aspect of my work because I love conducting searches. I love producing thorough search results to achieve the client’s goal.

  4. What would you be working in, if you weren’t working in IP?

    I would be working in advertising.

  5. What was the first job you’ve ever had?

    I worked at a fish and chips shop when I was 12. Battered fish and French fries is a popular takeaway dish in New Zealand, where I was living at the time. Every time I go back, it’s a must!

  6. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?

    I love going to the gym.

  7. What book did you read last?

    “Destiny of Souls” by a recognized spiritual hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton.

  8. What is your favorite song/music at the moment?

    I currently enjoy listening to Harry Styles.

  9. What is your favorite dish of all time?


  10. If you could meet anyone in the world, from the past or present, who would it be and why?

    I would like to meet Adele. I think that she is a very talented singer/songwriter and that she has a great sense of humor. I think we would get on like a house on fire!

  11. What was your favorite subject in school and why?

    I didn’t really have a favorite, mainly because all subjects were compulsory. It wasn’t until I started university and got to choose my subjects that I discovered favorites. I loved subjects related to advertising such as Creative Writing or Media Production.

  12. What did you want to be when growing up?

    I think I wanted to be a hairdresser!

  13. Tell us three things most people don’t know about you.

    I can play the piano accordion; I used to sing in a choir; and I recorded the Christmas carol “The Little Drummer Boy”.

  14. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

    Ballroom dancing.

  15. What is your biggest frustration about the world around you?

    It would be nice if we could all live freely in a non-corrupt, peaceful and healthy world.

  16. What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?

    That people don’t necessarily think the same way I do. It is up to me to either accept them as they are or cut ties if better.

  17. What do you wish you could have told yourself at age 13?

    Take risks, don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t overanalyze.

  18. What cities/countries have you lived in?

    I’ve lived in Auckland, New Zealand and Zagreb, Croatia.

  19. If you could live in another country of the 30+ countries where PETOŠEVIĆ operates, which would you pick and why?

    I would pick Hungary. The first time I went there, I felt that I was in the center of Europe. I found it breathtaking.

  20. If someone came to your city for 24 hours, where would you take them?

    I would most probably take them to my favorite restaurant, the local markets and to all the beautiful Zagreb sites.

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