Jelena Radević Explains IP to Kindergarten Kids

May 4 2022 - 12:57

Jelena Radević, Senior Paralegal from our Montenegro office, presented about IP last month to an unlikely audience of preschool children in the capital of Podgorica.

“The teachers from my daughter’s kindergarten invited me to join them for a few hours one day and think of a learning activity. I have a degree in English so I was planning to bring games for teaching English to young children, but then I thought – why not explain intellectual property in a fun way to the little ones”, Jelena remarked.

Jelena explained trademarks, patents and designs in a simple and practical manner and by showing concrete examples. “I showed them that Coca-Cola®, in a stylized font, is a famous registered trademark, that its distinct bottle shape is an example of a design, and that the ’juice’ itself is a patent or actually a trade secret.“

Next, Jelena talked about inventions that changed the world, such as the wheel and paper. “The kids were surprised when they saw a picture of the first computer, which was the size of a room. They laughed when they saw the photo of the first telephone. They learned that Goodyear® was the first tire to drive on the surface of the moon”, Jelena explained.

Jelena also talked about brands such as Nike®, Barbie®, Ferrari® and BMW® which the kids instantly recognized as well as the specific products these brands represent.

“The kids were delighted with the presentation, seeing that IP is all around them and that it protects products and ideas that they like. Young children can easily absorb the idea of IP, especially nowadays when they are exposed to a lot of information and can easily adopt knowledge”, Jelena concluded.

You can see the photos from the presentation in our gallery.

For more information, please contact Jelena Radević at our Montenegro office.

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