PETOŠEVIĆ PEOPLE: Q&A with Natalia Osipenko

After working as a patent engineer and research scientist for the Belgorod State Technological University and honing her IP skills at another international law firm in Moscow, patent attorney Natalia Osipenko joined the PETOŠEVIĆ Russia team in 2019, where she focuses on patent prosecution before the Russian and Eurasian Patent Offices. We asked Natalia about her work, interests, the most important thing she learned in the last five years, and much more.

  1. How did you start your career in the IP field?

    It was in a tent by the gorgeous lake Seliger in the Russian Tver region (350 km northwest from Moscow). I went to an educational forum there in 2013 with my student project – a startup focused on self-cleaning windows. On the first day, it was so cold that I chose lectures on IP simply because they were being held in the coziest and warmest tent. However, everything that I heard about patents that day inspired me so much that I put aside my plans to capture the world market with my “magic” windows. I went through a week-long IP course at that forum and, after coming back home, asked my university to accept me in the IP department. This is how I started my career in IP, with a dream that one day I would participate in patent battles and defend innovators around the world.

  2. What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

    Bearing the responsibility for the advice I give to a client during the patent prosecution process. Any step, argument or amendment proposed at this stage can be crucial in the future if the patent needs to be enforced.

  3. What do you most enjoy doing at work?

    I love communicating with interesting and intelligent people from the IP sector. I am also really happy when my advice can help a client and when, after our discussions, inventors come back with more new inventions and ideas, wanting to know what I think.

  4. What would you be working in, if you weren’t working in IP?

    It is hard to imagine. I can see myself as an entrepreneur with a crazy idea seeking investment and gathering a team of talented and passionate people in order to create something interesting that could perhaps make someone smile or make their life easier.

  5. What was the first job you’ve ever had?

    One summer, when I was 14, I worked at a car wash station. It was very motivating because this is not what I wanted to do, so after that experience I started studying much harder. I was in a great shape by the end of the summer though.

  6. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?

    I really enjoy spending time with my friends and my loved ones.

  7. What book did you read last?

    Dr. Sue Johnson’s “Love Sense: The Revolutionary New Science of Romantic Relationships”.

  8. What is your favorite song/music at the moment?

    I love any song by the handsome Colombian singer Maluma.

  9. What is your favorite dish of all time?

    Any fruit is my all-time favorite thing to eat.

  10. If you could meet anyone in the world, from the past or present, who would it be and why?

    I think it would be my father. I would love to have a long conversation with him about how my life has been, and to let him know that he can be calm since I am really happy.

  11. What was your favorite subject in school and why?

    I loved studying and adored every subject I took, but maybe mathematics were my favorite because in math everything is clear, everything can be calculated and there are no grey areas.

  12. What did you want to be when growing up?

    When I was about five years old, I had my own personal scientific laboratory under my bed. I was enthralled with the idea of mixing toothpaste with water and anything else that I could possibly find and add to my ‘patented’ compounds; so, in my childhood, I really wanted to become a chemist. Later I wanted to be a builder, a singer, a teacher, a dancer and even a doctor. In the end, my first dream eventually came true.

  13. Tell us three things most people don’t know about you.

    1. I went to the top of Machu Picchu and came back down all by myself. It took me 24 hours. I still don’t understand why I didn’t arrange this trip in an easier way.
    2. I find dealing with everyday things, like my utility bills, really disheartening.
    3. I celebrate Cosmonautics Day on April 12. It is a special day for me.
  14. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

    I would love to learn French. I love the way it sounds. It is so romantic.

  15. What is your biggest frustration about the world around you?

    It drives me crazy when people lie, and perhaps even crazier when people don’t take accountability for their own actions and make excuses.

  16. What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?

    I have learned to really believe that anything is possible.

  17. What do you wish you could have told yourself at age 13?

    I would tell that 13-year-old girl: “I have good news for you – all your dreams will come true, and even more, so don’t worry, be happy. Hakuna Matata!”

  18. What cities/countries have you lived in?

    I’ve been building up to better places from the beginning. I spent most of my early childhood in a little village in Ukraine. After that, my family moved to a little Russian town. Then, because of university, I moved to a cozy city called Belgorod, near the Russian border with Ukraine. Finally, five years ago, I reached the bustling metropolis and wonderful capital, Moscow.

  19. If you could live in another country of the 30+ countries where PETOŠEVIĆ operates, which would you pick and why?

    That would be Serbia. The trip to Serbia was my first trip abroad in my mid twenties. It made a very big impression on me, particularly the friendly and hospitable Serbian people and delicious food.

  20. If someone came to your city for 24 hours, where would you take them?

    I think one of the best things to do in Moscow is going on a boat ride down the Moskva river and enjoying the fantastic sights of the city along the way. If you haven’t done it yet, you need to!

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