17 PETOŠEVIĆ People on INTA Committees for 2022-2023, George Irimescu Chair of International Classification Subcommittee

Nov 5 2021 - 14:46

We are pleased to announce that 17 people from 8 PETOŠEVIĆ offices will be serving on INTA committees during the 2022-2023 term. We strive to be active INTA members and are thrilled that this will be reflected in our committee presence over the next two years.

PETOŠEVIĆ Romania Associate George Irimescu has been appointed Chair of the International Classification Subcommittee of the Harmonization of Trademark Law and Practice Committee, the mission of which is to review and monitor amendments of existing laws, regulations, and trademark practices concerning the classification of goods and services.

Below is a list of our INTA committee members:

  1. Maxim Hristov – Bulgaria – Harmonization of Trademark Law and Practice Committee
  2. Maria Kolarska – Bulgaria – Geographical Indications Committee
  3. Diliya Chanysheva – Kazakhstan – Trademark Office Practices Committee
  4. Aliya Madiyarova – Kazakhstan – Building Bridges Committee
  5. Slobodan Petošević – Luxembourg – Unfair Competition Committee
  6. Živka Kostovska Stojkovska – North Macedonia – Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee
  7. George Irimescu – Romania – Harmonization of Trademark Law and Practice Committee
  8. Mara Marinescu – Romania – Anticounterfeiting Committee
  9. Mayya Pak – Russia – Enforcement Committee
  10. Predrag Anokić – Serbia – Internet Committee
  11. Ivan Matić – Serbia – Anticounterfeiting Committee
  12. Igor Alfiorov – Ukraine – Legislation and Regulation Committee
  13. Oleh Karpenko – Ukraine – Anticounterfeiting Committee
  14. Ostap Khomyn – Ukraine – Emerging Issues Committee
  15. Marina Maltykh – Ukraine – INTA Bulletins Committee
  16. Viktoriia Smyrnova – Ukraine – Trademark Office Practices Committee
  17. Natalia Stetsenko – Ukraine – Indigenous Rights Committee
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